Nice late summer conditions in the Gulf of Thailand

View from the dive boatNice late summer conditions in the Gulf of Thailand; generally hot & sunny with a gentle, variable breeze & a late afternoon or evening thunderstorm when it’s been really scorching. Sail Rock is still consistently the best of our dive sites but we’ve had nice diving trips to Koh Tao too. Marine Park & local diving have been rather more variable but generally OK…

At the start of this month Koh Phangan became a quieter island; Captain Dam even had a day off on the 5th! Team wise Gabriele is leaving for Italy to put a bit of weight on, Mr Kim is back with us & helping out over the next month as Heinz & Angie are enlivening the dive school with their presence once again (& thanks from Nick for the bottle of Gordons!). Hopefully we’ll see Cris & “Cisco by the end of the month & our best wishes to Oli & hope the back clears up soon.

Do note that our Marine Life Guide is still fully functional, but we’ve stopped doing any more uploading while we start to put everything into a more up to date format.

The Best of Wishes from Chaloklum Diving.

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