Dive trip to Koh Tao today

Dive boat leaving to Koh TaoIn view of the mighty Sail Rock being not so special yesterday (temporarily we’re sure!) we’re diving at Koh Tao today. & phone reports back suggest that the scuba diving & snorkelling conditions are fine.

All is good with the team; Cris is over her flu & we’re getting used to life without super-DM Kim. Shock news is that Michael actually made a dive trip to Sail Rock last week, for the first time since October:- will the fish ever get over it? !

It looks like it’s time for us to start working on promoting our new website to the world. It will help us if you share us with your friends using the gizmos provided & maybe subscribe to our latest u/w pics in the Marine Life Guide via the RSS feature…

The Best of Wishes from Chaloklum Diving.

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