Chaloklum Diving head for Koh Tao again!

Dive boat leaving to Koh Tao againTomorrow we plan a diving trip to Koh Tao. We have scuba divers who want some variation from Sail Rock & snorkellers who want more coral reef to explore. We’re waiting for an update on visibility at the Marine Park, but it currently looks like Koh Phangan diving conditions are still better!

We’re hoping to see Michi back from a stressful visa run today (there’s nothing like a Padi course to soothe your nerves…), & sadly Ms Ute will be leaving us soon. A farewell party from the diving school team is a must… & Ms Cris seems to have a new nickname in Chaloklum Village; check our next blog for more!

Please check out our u/w pics in the Marine Life Guide & give us a bit of feedback. We’re starting to work filling out the text & refining the photos; any input is most welcome.

The Best of Wishes from Chaloklum Diving.

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